Welcome to J.G. Uniforms, Inc., makers of the world�s best exterior vest covers! For over 25 years, J.G. Uniforms, Inc. has been supplying and servicing law enforcement and security professionals in the Chicagoland and surrounding metropolitan areas with their exterior vest covers and now it is time for you to enjoy the benefits of our vest covers as well!

As the innovators and pioneers of the exterior vest cover industry, we have designed and manufactured the best option in ballistic panel comfort with our revolutionary exterior vest covers. Our vest covers are custom tailor-made using the measurements of your body armor and your personal measurements as well, offering you the best fit possible. Long gone are the days of stock body armor covers that fit incorrectly and lack the durability and practicality of our product!

In addition to their superior fit and comfort, our various vest cover models offer a multitude of options and accessories to help you customize your vest cover to fit your daily needs and expectations. Whether you are using this as a patrol vest or tactical vest, we have the right vest for you!

We are passionate about our products and proudly enjoy the industry�s greatest reputation. Click on vest covers to begin experiencing the many benefits of an exterior vest cover made by J.G. Uniforms, Inc.


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